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Increase access to improved water sources, promote access to sanitation, improve access to drinking water at home, and improve hygiene practices, especially hand washing.


+ 30,581

benefitted by the promotion of hygiene and sanitation

+ 34,361

benefitted with access to improved water sources

When people from rural communities gain access to clean water, their life and health conditions increasingly get better. Therefore, in 2013 FEMSA Foundation joined efforts with Coca-Cola Latin America and Millennium Water Alliance in order to create Water Ties, a program that will benefit 110,000 people in five Latin American countries during the next three years.

Water Ties’ strategy is to create, through alliances, local capacities among the population of rural areas to ensure the sustainability of the initiatives. We help by investing in water infrastructure and sanitation and promotion of hygiene habits in different community environments. We also assess the conditions of these communities and design strategies to promote better personal and domestic hygiene practices.

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