Striving for and ensuring the wellbeing and health of our employees and their families.


1. We have designed 20 occupational health care programs intended to support the development of a Culture of Prevention and Self-responsibility.



of disease rate index compared to 2014


of accident rate index compared to 2014

We established the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SASSO), to ensure the physical condition de our employees and improve productivity in our businesses, promoting the self-care culture, as well occupational safety practices industrial in our facilities, preventing diseases, and minimizing hazards in the workplace.

We know that all our employees are exposed to injury when performing daily activities, SASSO promote a safe workplace. We constantly work to identify, evaluate, eliminate and control the risk factors and general working conditions.

We designed 20 programs to supporting the development of a prevention and self-reliance culture.

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Sports insurance
  3. Prevention and control of addictions
  4. Hearing Conservation
  5. Medical Exam candidates
  6. Periodic medical examination
  7. Primary Health Care
  8. Preserving vision
  9. Recording and analysis of absenteeism for health reasons
  10. immunizations
  11. Healthcare in industrial contingencies
  12. Industrial sanitation
  13. Indoor Air Quality
  14. industrial canteens
  15. Prevention of chemical risks
  16. respiratory Protection
  17. radiation
  18. ergonomic risks
  19. Transport Health
  20. High temperatures and blasted

We adhere to the International Labour Organization (ILO) and various international standards in regard to safety and health at work. SASSO exceeds standards by integrating international best practices in industrial safety culture with their own indicators industries in which we participate and contribute to improving the quality of life of our employees.

Because over the years we have acquired various business rates claims, we work every day to enter the System Safety and Occupational Health in these businesses to stay in the desired industry-specific standards.

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