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To contribute to the sustainbility of water sources and help ensure its supply of both quantity and quality, for the benefit of the people of Latin America throught the conservation of natural resources and sustainable growth.


Water Funds

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with water funds

Since 2011 in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, The Inter-American Development Bank and The World Environment Fund, Femsa Foundation is part of the Latin American Water Fund Partnership. The Funds are institutions created to conserve the hydrological basins with a long-term vision, basing its actions on science, with a strong component of monitoring and assessment, following efficiency criteria to assign its field investments.

Its main characteristics are:

  • To provide an integral focus of basin management through the participation of diverse users.
  • To allow for a long-term conservation by keeping a future investment on basins.
  • To be a transparent financial mechanism
  • To supplement public policy by coordinating our support of the efforts made by governments and public institutions.
  • To generate new resources, allowing the availability of cash flow to develop new projects and to have financial sustainability.

To promote a participatory bonding of civil society and business sector by communicating urban and rural areas.

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