Take advantage of the benefits of the center for journalists FEMSA

To standardize human resource processes, facilitating access of employees to their professional growth concurrently with the Business Units.


1. Diagnosis of human talent in FEMSA and its Business Units for adjustments to business growth needs.
2. Competitive evaluation of results based on objectives.
3. Individual management practices, fostered by supervisors.
4. Comprehensive technological platform to support the model.
5. Strategic alliances with universities/colleges that have global prestige.


of our employees

benefited during 2014

Thanks to the development of across-the-board competencies applicable to all the employees, as well as by empowering those leaders or department supervisors who become agents of change, we develop all the team members so they can reach the established objectives.


There are ten competencies applicable to all employees: cultural adaptability, development of strategic relations, client focus, strategic direction, impeccable execution, selling vision, global perceptiveness, change leadership, talent development, and innovation.

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