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We seek to achieve energy sustainability and contribute to reduce CO2e emissions in our operations.


1. Energy efficiency in our operations
2. Diversification of energy portfolio
3. Optimal use of fuel for transportation


of OXXO stores

use the Smart Automation and Energy Control System

230 MWh
of energy

have been generated through the C+ Verde program

of the electrical energy

used by Coca-Cola FEMSA's operations in Brazil comes from clean sources.

have reduced

the energetic requirements of our main Imbera equipments

Energy is a fundamental issue in our business operations, which is why year after year we incorporate new technologies, processes and tools to diversify our energy portfolio and optimize its use, reducing the environmental footprint of our operations.

At Coca-Cola FEMSA, we have the goal towards 2020 to supply 85% of the Mexican manufacturing power consumption by clean sources, for which we have achieved 46% by the end of 2016. In our operations in Brazil, 74% of the electrical energy supplied comes from clean sources.

Our efforts to increase consumption of renewable energy are not limited to our operations—through the C+ Verde program, we urge FEMSA employees to install photovoltaic solar panels in their homes, offering them technical advice and financing. With this initiative, to date, 230 MWh of energy have been generated, which has prevented the emission of 105.34 tons of CO2 equivalent to the emissions generated by 131 Mexican households during one year

FEMSA Comercio continued installing the Smart Automation and Energy Control System in different working places. By the end of 2016, 81.9% of OXXO stores, 88% of Distribution Centers and 30.7% of offices in Mexico have installed this system, which uses sensors, alarms and controls for regulating refrigeration equipment, air conditioning and lighting circuits. Additionally, we use solar control films in the windows of 3,105 OXXO stores in Mexico, which lower the amount of energy used in air conditioning.