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To support the development of skills so students can make better decisions, as well as prepare teachers and parents of resources to carry out its work as trainers.


1. “Deciding your future” Program
2. “Preparing for tomorrow” Program
3. “Orienting your steps” Program
4. “Sharing paths” Program


children and teenagers

benefited since the beginning of the program


benefited since the beginning of the program


attended the conferences since the beginning of the program

“Coordenadas para Vivir”  is a program implemented since 2011 in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and most recently in Philippines. It has been implemented in alliance with organizations such as Save The Children, DEHYCO Group, Teach for the Philippines, the National Police of Colombia, SAF Group, Living Foundation and local Ministries of Education.

The program is formed by a series of programs that prepare children from 10 to 18 years old to address the challenges they face every day. It helps them to develop attitudes and skills that will allow them to make better decisions in their daily lives, as well as respond to some of the problems that may arise in their community.

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